About Morgan

self portrait signedMorgan's love of illustration started as a child, where she would always be drawing or painting, making some sort of mess, even attempting to create murals on her bedroom walls.

Books by James Mayhew were a fascination of hers; Morgan would imagine she was the character 'Katie' climbing into paintings in the National Gallery and becoming part of the art.

Morgan studied Art and Design at Reigate Art School, achieving a Distinction, whilst simultaniously undertaking an OU Degree in Design, achieving a 2:1, all whilst working as a Web Designer and developing her illustrations. Multi-tasking is definitely one of her skills!

Morgan loves drawing in her sketchbook, or any scraps of paper she can find, before working them up digitally. These are then printed and more detail added with collage, paints, inks, pastels or any mixed-media she can get her hands on. Morgan gets her inspiration from everything around her, but specifically nature, wildlife and fairytales.

When not drawing or working, Morgan can be found improving her climbing skills at various walls in the South, or at home in Brighton, playing with her two naughty cats, strolling along the beach or exploring the Downs!